About SoftTrainer®

SoftTrainer® is a web software that allows doctors to send personalized plans of aerobic physical activity to their patients from their personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. SoftTrainer® contains more than 120 physical activity plans of a cyclical nature, such as walking, cycling, swimming, running, cycling and walking, stationary bike, elliptical, and includes a basic guide for healthy fitness work in a gym.

To whom is SoftTrainer® addressed?

SoftTrainer® is aimed at all those doctors who wish to use aerobic physical activity as a tool for the prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCD) and the associated risk factors (FR).

On what population can the aerobic physical activity plans contained in SoftTrainer® be applied?

The aerobic physical activity plans contained in SoftTrainer® are aimed at healthy or asymptomatic patients with one or more cardiovascular risk factors and who do not require a previous exercise test (ergometry). For special populations (cardiac rehabilitation, patients with COPD, kidney disease, type 1 diabetes, etc.), the use of these physical activity plans will be at the discretion of the doctor.

What advantage does the medical professional bring to the use of SoftTrainer® software?

SoftTrainer® allows the health professional, from his personal computer, tablet or iPhone, to send by email to his patients, plans of aerobic physical activity (walking, cycling, swimming, running, cycling and walking, exercise bike, elliptical), in a personalized way, replacing the traditional written recipe.

On what scientific basis was SoftTrainer® software developed?

SoftTrainer® was developed based on the World Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health written and published by the World Health Organization © (2010) (1), the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) (2), and the Evidence-Based Guidelines for Physical Activity for Canadian Adults (Warburton et al 2007). (3)

What are the objectives pursued by the Aerobic Physical Activity Plans contained in the SoftTrainer® software?

The physical activity plans contained in the SoftTrainer® software pursue three fundamental objectives. The first one is to create the “adherence” of the patient. Only adherence to a regular program of physical activity will allow positive and sustainable changes over time on cardiovascular risk factors, promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The second objective is to gradually improve cardiorespiratory fitness or tolerance, with the minimum risk of injury.

The third objective is to improve levels of lean mass, especially muscle mass and muscle strength levels, which are of vital importance for overall health.

What Biological and Pedagogical Principles form the basis of SoftTrainer®?

SoftTrainer® was developed taking into account the Biological Principles, such as the Principle of Functional Unit, the Principle of Overload, the Principle of Progression, the Principle of Continuity, the Principle of Recovery and the Principle of Biological Individuality, as well as Pedagogical Principles, among them, the Principle of Periodization, the Principle of Active and Conscious Participation and the Principle of Accessibility.

How is the “Periodization” of the Physical Activity in SoftTrainer®?

      The “periodization” refers to the ordering of the workloads, which are organized in Logical Stages, and which we will call the Adaptation Stage, the Development Stage and the Consolidation Stage. Each stage contains specific objectives and forms of activities to achieve, gradually, a level of healthy physical fitness.

How is the structure of an Aerobic Physical Activity Session?

Each of the sessions of aerobic physical activity has the following progression or structure of development: an initial or warm-up phase, a central or conditioning phase (aerobic endurance training) and a final phase or return to calm. Muscle elongation exercises are recommended during and at the end of each phase of physical activity and are specifically detailed in each plan.

What Forms or Modes of Physical Activity have been selected?

SoftTrainer® has selected cyclic activities, cardiovascular commitment, and glycolytic-oxidative, involving large muscle groups, for example, walking, cycling, swimming, running, cycling and walking, elliptical stationary bicycle, with plans of 4, 6, and 8 weeks of duration, adapted to the different levels of daily physical activity of each patient.

SoftTrainer® also includes a basic “periodization” for a healthy muscular development in the gym, in order to improve the muscle mass and strength of each patient.

Intensity, duration and frequency of Aerobic Physical Activity.

To achieve better patient adaptation and achieve the proposed objectives, SoftTrainer® organizes the intensity of physical activity according to two recommended variables: one, which takes into account the% of the reserve heart rate (% FCR) and the other, the subjective perception of the patient’s effort, always respecting the principle of progressiveness of the intensities.

SoftTrainer® also allows the health professional and, depending on the history of physical activity, the particular interests and the patient’s temporary availability, determine the days per week that will be exercised, as well as the execution time of each of them to achieve optimal physiological adaptations and achieve the proposed objectives.

SoftTrainer® calculate the spent kilocalories and the distance traveled.

The physical activity plans contained in SoftTrainer® automatically calculate the spent kilocalories and distance traveled per physical activity session, per week and throughout the process, and detail them by bar graphs.

What muscle stretching exercises does SoftTrainer® select?

Muscle elongation exercises including SoftTrainer® are specific to each program. The chosen form of execution is the passive and sustained type, having discarded the sudden or explosive dynamic tensions.

SoftTrainer® … a “dynamic” software.

The aerobic physical activity plans contained in SoftTrainer® present a basic structure, which can be modified according to the interests or needs of the health professional, both in the duration and intensity of the stimuli, as well as in the modification of the recovery pauses. SoftTrainer® allows the doctor to create new plans according to the needs of their patients and incorporate them into the database.
You can also enter new images of muscle stretching exercises, or replace those already installed.

SoftTrainer® also allows the medical professional to enter recommendations or suggestions to their patients according to their specialty.

SoftTrainer® allows you to send physical activity plans to your patients via email.

Once the personalized aerobic physical activity plan has been prepared, it can be delivered personally in printed form, or it can be sent by e-mail to the patient.